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Collectable is an investing platform and community for sports fans. As the first and only fractional ownership platform exclusively dedicated to sports, we’re democratizing access to rare, valuable, and culturally significant collectibles and investment opportunities in the sports world.

We believe the greatest moments and artifacts in sports history should be accessible to the masses, not just the wealthy. We all love sports and what they represent — perhaps your childhood glory days, multi-generational bonds, civic pride, an escape from the everyday stress we all face. Sports are a common thread throughout our lives, marking the passage of time and creating many of our most vivid memories.

Collectable is re-imagining sports collecting and investing, a long overdue modernization of a timeless tradition. Fractionalized shares. More access. More flexibility. More liquidity. Better storytelling. Fewer fees and exclusivity. Lower price points.

We believe investing doesn’t have to be intimidating, confusing, or filled with insider jargon. Through high-grade sports collectibles, you can invest in items you enjoy, understand, and believe will appreciate in value. We’ll do the rest.

Investing comes with risks. It also has the potential to deliver a healthy dose of excitement, joy, and financial reward. Everyone should have the right to participate in a meaningful way.

We’re an ambitious group of sports fanatics, just like you, who decided to take action. We’re also business leaders, marketing experts, financial professionals, and collectors in our own right.

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