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BWIC Auctions

Combining elements of traditional financial markets, fractional ownership, and collectible auctions into a revolutionary competitive sealed auction process.

What is a BWIC Auction?

Collectable’s BWIC Auction is an innovative and proprietary sales channel and price discovery process, modeled after the public financial markets, that serves as a formal request for bids on investment grade collectibles. Collectors and investors can bid to own iconic collectible assets individually or as part of a group. (Note: Group Bidding is only available to verified accredited investors)

BWIC Auction FAQs

Benefits of BWIC Auctions

Seller Optionality and Price Protection

Utilize discreet context prices to only sell assets at terms acceptable to the consignor.

Discreet, Competitive Bidding Process

Democratic and discreet bidding process with vetted buyers, only.

Fractional Ownership Group Bidding Availability

Want exposure but can’t afford the whole asset? We’ve got you covered.

Verified Buyer Pools

Enhanced buyer vetting and KYC/AML.

Curate iconic collectibles

Price Discovery

Discover what your assets are worth in the open market through a time-honored, institutional quality bidding process.

Shareholder Catalysts

All fractionalized assets on Collectable are eligible for BWIC Auctions once per year.


BWIC Auctions

  • Bid for full ownership of the asset.
  • Available to bidders all over the world.
  • Discreet, 10-day, 2-round competitive bidding process.

Group Bidding



  • Institutional quality, high touch, discreet private client services.
  • Seller optionality and price discovery. Potential for liquidity while retaining equity ownership in your high value collectibles.
  • Large buyer pools, including individual & group bidders. Competitive fee structures.
  • To submit asset(s) for consideration on Collectable’s BWIC Auction, please fill out this form via the link below.


Asset is accepted as a consignment into BWIC Auction.

Qualifying Round

Bidders submit 1 discreet, binding, non-cancellable bid during the 7-day Qualifying Round.

Final Round

The top 3 bids in the Qualifying Round advance to the “Extended Bidding” Round. The top 3 Bidders have the ability to submit 1 more discreet, binding, non-cancellable bid in the 3-day “Extended Bidding” Round.


After the 10-day BWIC Auction process, consignors will receive an individual buyer bid AND the potential for a bid from a group of verified accredited fractional investors. If the consignor selects the fractional Group Bid, consignors have the ability to retain equity in the assets for additional future upside.