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Own the Miracle in the:

The hockey game that embodied the American dream, and held a generation spellbound…

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase 20% of the jersey Team USA captain Mike Eruzione wore in the decisive Gold Medal Hockey game of the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics!


Re-live the moment

The thrilling, Impossible Dream that enthralled America!


The final seconds!


The final seconds!




The Rich Eisen Show


ESPN Documentary


This jersey originates directly from Eruzione, and is accompanied by a signed LOA on the stationery of the auction house that first sold it in 2013. Eruzione has further attested to its game-used status by inscribing the jersey in black Sharpie (10/10), “Mike Eruzione – 1980 Captain – My Gold Medal Jersey” on the reverse numeral “2.”

The blue-mesh jersey is lettered “USA” on the front and features the number “21” on the reverse and each sleeve. All letters and numerals are applied in red on white tackle twill. “Eruzione” is lettered in white tackle twill upon a blue name plate on the reverse. A large “C” (denoting captain), in white on blue tackle twill, has been applied to the left breast. A white tackle-twill star adorns each shoulder. A “Norcon XL” label appears in the collar. The jersey is all original and displays moderate wear.

You don’t have to be a hockey fan to appreciate the 1980 United States Olympic Men’s Hockey Team.

Hell, you don’t have to be a sports fan to revel in their improbable run towards Gold immortality, a run that culminated with a 4-2 victory over Finland on February 24.

You just have to be a fan of humanity. 

Two days prior, the upstart collection of no-name skaters upset the mighty Soviet squad in a game that will be known forever as the Miracle on Ice. With both the momentum and hopes of the entire country behind them, there was no way – no freakin’ way – they would lose to Finland.

There was no way they’d walk away from the Olympic Games in Lake Placid without the Gold. 

No freakin’ way.

Anybody—anybody—with a heart or soul who followed the rag-tag squad couldn’t help but fall in love with those scrappers. You’ve got Neil Broten and Mark Johnson, a pair of slick, undersized forwards, both of whom were listed at 5’9”…and neither of whom were actually 5’9”. You’ve got Jack Callahan and Ken Morrow, two defensemen who managed to keep their side of the ice clean despite the genteel(ish) international no-checking rules. And you’ve got goaltender Jim Craig, who rose to the occasion, creating a fortress of solitude around the net.

But most memorably, you’ve got Mike Eruzione.

The captain. The veteran. The scrapper amongst scrappers. The heart. The soul. To this day, the face of the team.

Eruzione wasn’t the most skilled player on the roster—that could have been Johnson, or possibly forward Rob McClanahan—but he was (and still is) the most iconic. 


The guy left it on the rink like few other hockey players ever…or, for that matter, few other team athletes ever. He wore his emotions on his face, so when coach Herb Brooks’ boys upset the Soviet team on February 22, 1980—and when you saw the look in Eruzione’s eyes—you knew what he was feeling. What the whole team was feeling. What the entire United States of America was feeling.

Unabated joy.

When Eruzione stood on the gold medal podium and exhorted  his team to join him, unbridled love and pride on the Boston kid’s mug said everything one zillion words couldn’t.

Imagine owning that jersey. Just imagine.


This lot is not being offered for direct sale in the MINT25 Auction, but rather a 20% ownership share of the jersey, and requires a minimum bid of $75,000.

Our experts believe this offering should be worth what other similarly important jerseys are selling for.

The jersey currently resides within the holdings of Collectable. This jersey is the first item ever offered fractionally via a live/internet auction, with the anticipation of offering additional shares on the Collectable platform in the near future.

Upon conclusion of the MINT25 auction, an additional 10% interest in the jersey will be offered fractionally to the Collectable community.

The market cap of this highly important American treasure on Collectable will be determined by the gross auction realization on January 29, 2022.

All shareholders in the jersey will receive their ownership interests in their Collectable portfolio, and the jersey will live on the Collectable platform. The ownership interest of the successful bidder in the MINT25 Auction will automatically convert to shares in conjunction with the Collectable initial public offering.

The benefits of a fractional auction include:

  • Price discovery
  • Easy and regulated shared ownership structure of valuable items
  • Additional liquidity options for buyers/sellers
  • Diversification and optimal “position sizing”
  • Combining the best features of traditional auctions with many of the benefits of fractional ownership

Ready to own a share of the Impossible Dream?