Breaking news: LeBron James is good at basketball.
More breaking news: LeBron James is good at being a human being.
Yet more breaking news: LeBron James has been in the public eye for nearly two decades, and when you’ve been Out There for so long, people find out stuff about you, some embarrassing, some interesting, and some straight-up goofy. Here’re a few things you might not know about The King.

LBJ’s Eighth Grade Yearbook Was Riddled With Errors and Controversy

Nobody but you would care if there were boo-boos galore in your eighth grade yearbook, but LeBron James is LeBron James, and when it comes to LeBron James, everybody cares about everything. So the fact that his name was spelled “LaBron,” and the dude pictured in the photo captioned “LaBron James” isn’t LaBron James or LeBron James is, to some, a big deal. (Can you imagine how much somebody would pay for this piece of oddball sports memorabilia?)

It’s also worth noting that the yearbook tells us James wasn’t named his school’s Best Athlete or Most Likely to Succeed. Oops.


The King Once Got Schooled By Stefon

During the filming of the movie Trainwreck, star Bill Hader—best known by many for his portrayal of the club kid Stefon on Saturday Night Live—managed to do something that many NBA players haven’t: Score on LeBron. Hader told Dan Patrick, “It’s up for grabs whether he let me score or not. (Trainwreck director) Judd Apatow would say, ‘Just go to the rim and try to make a basket or whatever.’ LeBron would just deny me every time. Then one take I went inside instead of going outside and I made it, and then I ruined the take because I looked right in the camera and went ‘Ohhhhhh!’ and started celebrating.”

If you’d like to honor this great moment in sports history with some quality Bill Hader memorabilia, clear a space in your living room for this.


LeBron Likes Donuts…or At Least He Once Pretended To

LBJ has endorsed his fair share of companies and products, among them Nike, Coca-Cola, Beats By Dre, Blaze Pizza, and 2K Sports. But in 2012, the chiseled hooper got into bed with a company not known to produce the kind of food you’d expect to see in the diet of a chiseled hooper: Dunkin Donuts.

You probably don’t know about the James/culler connection because the endorsement was strictly an Asian thing—Dunkin’ and their sister company, Baskin-Robbins, were only able to lock him down as their “brand ambassador” in China, Taiwan, India, and South Korea.


If You Dig Goofy LeBron Merch, You’re Set

Owning some high-end LeBron-centric schwag—whether the item is yours outright, or whether you and your peers each own a portion of it—is both a killer investment and a win for your collection. But until you get a piece of the big stuff, there’s plenty of little stuff to amp up your King Collection. For instance, you’ve got a LeBron pool float, a LeBron garden gnome, some LeBron toilet paper, and, of course, a pair of magical LeBron James boxer briefs, Cavs era only.


Don’t Sleep on Bron, Because He’ll Sleep on You

Getting rest is crucial for all of us, but especially for professional athletes. LeBron, as is the case with nearly everything he does, is better at it than you are, to the tune of 12 hours a night. And we’re not jealous at all.

But is that too much shut-eye? It may seem like overkill, but sleep specialist Dr. Meeta Singh points out that for athletes, a couple of extra hours hanging out with Mr. Sandman can result in better decision-making. “[More sleep] may not make much difference to you and I, but in pro athletes, a difference in between a quarter or half a second could make the difference between winning or losing.”

More breaking news: LeBron wins. A lot.