1910 E98 Set of 30 Red #NNO Ty Cobb PSA Gem Mint 10

An asset that, at 122 years old, defies the odds of probability and has achieved a perfect 10/10 grade. This E98 “Set of 30” Ty Cobb showcases the skilled batsman leaping for a catch above a rich red background that provides a striking visual for investors looking to expand their Pre-War portfolio.

Key Deal Points

Graded a Gem Mint 10, on a scale of 1-10, by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) – the sports collectible’s leading grading company.

This card is part of the 1910 E98 “Set of 30”, a collection that contains 30 players from the early 20th century. As history would have it, 17 of those 30 players would later be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, including Cobb.

Only 11 examples from the entire set, out of more than 2,200 graded, have achieved a PSA 10 grade – placing this example within the top 0.5% of PSA examples in terms of quality.

Interest in cards from this set skyrocketed after the famous 2012 “Black Swamp Find” in which 700 high grade caramel cards were discovered in an attic in Ohio.

The only public sale for one of the three E98 Red Ty Cobbs came in May of 2019 when one was auctioned for $264,000

CardLadder, a company who uses analytics and sales data to provide estimated valuations on trading cards, projects a PSA Gem Mint 10 at $x (as of xx/xx/2022).

Valuation Analysis

“An unbelievably sanguine artifact – and a gift to our hobby from the distant past – in true Gem Mint condition.”

– Goldin

Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb, nicknamed “The Georgia Peach” was an exceptional five-tool baseball player. Cobb’s illustrious career spanned from 1905-1928, primarily as the Centerfielder for the Detroit Tigers.

Cobb’s career achievements include: American League MVP in 1911, Triple Crown Winner in 1909, 12x American League batting champion, 4x American League RBI leader, and 6x American League stolen base leader. Cobb is credited with setting an astounding 90 MLB records during his career. He still holds several records as of the end of the 2019 season, including the highest career batting average and most career batting titles. Cobb was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936, and was selected for the Major League Baseball’s All-Century Team. Said Hall of Fame manager Casey Stengel, “I never saw anyone like Ty Cobb. No one even close to him. He was the greatest all time ballplayer. That guy was superhuman, amazing.”