2008 Exquisite Collection Triple Logoman #CLC LeBron James / Carmelo Anthony / Chris Bosh 1/1 PSA Authentic

An enticing triptych of the biggest names of an era, this 2008 Exquisite Collection Triple Logoman card combines rarity, star power, and demand into a gorgeous cocktail on cardboard. Serial numbered One-of-One, the asset features LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh.

Key Deal Points

As evidenced by their One-of-One nature and their striking eye appeal, Logoman cards are some of the most rare, valuable, and elusive basketball cards in the world.

Authenticated by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) – the sports collectible’s leading grading company.

The card features game worn jersey patches featuring the NBA logo from the three superstars – LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh – all surefire future Hall of Famers.

A Stephen Curry rookie autographed logoman set the high-water mark for any logoman card at $5.9M in July of 2021 while a LeBron James card featuring patches from each of the teams he has played for sold in June of 2022 for $2.4M – setting the record for a triple logo card.

Valuation Analysis

“Perhaps no type of card is as visually appealing as the logoman card. Indeed, some collectors consider these cards the gems of the hobby…Logoman cards are all 1 of 1. After all, there’s only one NBA logo patch on each NBA jersey…You can kind of think of them as the sasquatch of collecting.”

– Jesse Haynes, CardLines

LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh

LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh are three of the greatest stars in NBA history. They were all drafted in the 2003 NBA Draft, a draft many consider to be the best of all time.

LeBron James is one the greatest basketball players of all time, and certainly one of the America’s most influential and popular athletes of his generation. He has won 4 NBA Championships, 4 MVP awards, and is the 4x AP Athlete of the Year. Carmelo Anthony is considered one of the greatest scorers in NBA history. A 10x All-Star, Anthony has played in the Olympics for the US national team a record four times, winning 3 gold medals. Chris Bosh was an 11x NBA All-Star, 2x NBA champion, and was elected into the NBA Hall of Fame in 2021.