1952 Bowman #101 Mickey Mantle PSA NM-MT 8

The 1952 Bowman Mickey Mantle “presents as a top-tier alternative for those whom Mantle’s ‘51 Bowman or ‘52 Topps may be out of reach”, despite its aesthetics which upstage, in the opinions of some, The Mick’s two most recognizable issues.

Key Deal Points

While it remains unlikely that Mantle’s ‘52 Bowman ever catches the ‘52 Topps in terms of cultural cache, the value gap in equivalent grades, means the Bowman card has the ability to surpass the Topps in terms of future percentage growth.

Graded a Near Mint-Mint 8, on a scale of 1-10, by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) – the sports collectible’s leading grading company.

Just shy of 3,600 examples of the card have been graded by PSA, with 115 graded NM-MT 8, this asset is placed within the top 4% of all PSA-graded exemplars.

The record sale for a PSA NM-MT 8 is $46,111 in July of 2021, while the most recent sale is an October 2022 auction for $37,200.

A version of the card, graded a PSA Mint 9 sold for $540,000 in April 2022 and holds the record for this card in any grade.

CardLadder, a company who uses analytics and sales data to provide estimated valuations on trading cards, projects a PSA NM-MT 8 at $x (as of xx/xx/2022).

Valuation Analysis

“This particular card is one that has seemingly been overlooked throughout the years. With so much attention given to his classic 1952 Topps card..the Bowman Mantle remains underappreciated. The gap in market value between the two cards has become astronomical, giving collectors a more affordable alternative with this great card.”


Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle, nicknamed “The Mick”, was the linchpin of the New York Yankees epic dynasty during the 1950s and early 1960s. He won 7 World Series Championships, 3 Most Valuable Player awards and was selected to 20 All-Star games. His journey from humble origins to centerfielder for the New York Yankees is the stuff of the American Dream.

Mantle was a classic five-tool player who possessed almost supernatural power that led to a bevy of tape measure home runs, including a 560-foot home run that remains the longest in baseball history. Mantle finished his career with 536 home runs, 1,676 runs scored, 1,509 RBI, 1,733 walks and a .298 batting average, and was selected as a first ballot Hall of Famer and member of Major League Baseball’s All-Century Team.