Everything Patrick Mahomes touches—especially footballs—seemingly turns to gold. His laundry list of accomplishments already includes a Super Bowl title, Super Bowl MVP honors, league MVP honors, two Pro Bowl selections, and hundreds of gallons of ketchup in his tummy.

Here are five other things you need to know about the NFL’s golden child.


He Definitely Was That Guy in High School

Mahomes was good at everything in high school. He was a three-sport star at Whitehouse High School, playing football (well, duh), basketball, and baseball. Our crack staff can’t confirm this, but we suspect he was also named Homecoming King.

As a senior, Mahomes took the mound for Whitehouse and tossed a no-hitter that included a whopping 16 strikeouts.

He had received interest—and scholarship offers—to play Division-I football and baseball at various universities, but in June of 2014, there was another intriguing option: going pro…at baseball. The Detroit Tigers selected Mahomes in the 37th round of the first-year player draft. The signal-caller opted for the gridiron at Texas Tech, which has worked out okay, we suppose.


He’s the Founder and Sole Member of Two Exclusive Clubs

Once he finally had the opportunity to start for the Chiefs, Mahomes didn’t waste time showing how much of a stud he is. During his MVP campaign of 2018, he became one of 12 quarterbacks to throw for at least 5,000 yards in a season (5,097, to be exact). That’s an incredible milestone for any QB to hit, but it’s actually a familiar one for him. 

During his final season at Texas Tech in 2016, Mahomes also surpassed this number by collecting 5,052 passing yards. Doing it in the pros has made him the first and only (for now) quarterback to accomplish this feat at both levels of play. 

Also, he made history by simply showing up to play in Super Bowl LIV last February. Once he stepped foot on the field as Kansas City’s starting quarterback, he became the first and only (for now) signal-caller to start on Super Sunday who attended a college in Texas. 


Kickers Are People, Too

It would’ve been easy for Mahomes to try and pull whatever strings necessary to wear number 5 for the Chiefs—after all, he wore that number throughout high school. Once Kansas City drafted him in the first round, there was a problem. 

Pro Bowl kicker Cairo Santos wore his number, so instead of bargaining for it, Mahomes settled for 15. Even quarterbacks on a Hall of Fame track know that kickers matter, too. 

Oh, and the significance behind picking 15? He was drafted 10th overall and it included his number five. 


“Mahomes Magic Crunch” is Real, and It’s Wonderful

Prior to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl-winning campaign, Mahomes partnered with Hy-Vee, a midwestern supermarket chain, to launch an exclusive cereal called Mahomes Magic Crunch. Hy-Vee was hoping to sell 50,000 boxes of the cereal, but 300,000 of them flew off the shelves for the low, low price of $3.99. 

With potential through the roof after helping Kansas City capture that elusive Lombardi Trophy, the value of this cereal box is only going to continue skyrocketing. As of this writing, it’s listed for as much as $30 on eBay, so if you have an unopened box, hold onto it for another 10 years or so and see what happens from there.


It’s Good to Be the King

There are plenty of companies clamoring for Mahomes to endorse their product or service. While the list is constantly growing, the best one may be Airshare, a private jet company that’s located right in Kansas City. As part of the endorsement deal, Mahomes can hop on one of the private airliners whenever the mood strikes. We think that’s way better than getting a bunch of Oakley Sunglasses, but hey, what do we know?