Reminding you why you love sports.

"Success is not an accident. Success is actually a choice.”

- Stephen Curry

What is the Point After?

Ask the CEO : Head vs. Heart

We know the sports memorabilia world can sometimes be difficult to navigate, so every so often, Collecatable CEO Ezra Levine…

Top 10 Cleveland Cavaliers Not Named Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Or Kevin Love

During an era when I was a fledgling basketball fan, every couple of months, our family would drive up dreary…

Gale Sayers: Brilliant Moments From a Brilliant Life

Before Walter Payton, before Barry Sanders, before Emmitt Smith, there was Gale Sayers. One of the NFL’s first true do-it-all…

Stephen Curry: Small Is Big

I’ve consumed about three bajillion basketball games, and the one of the most notable takeaways from my decades of hoops…

Kobe, Shaq, Phil, and the Ultimate Three-Ring Circus

Much has been written about the Los Angeles Lakers teams of the late-1990s and the early-aughts, because, goodness, gracious, there…

Lebron James: In His Own Words

So those scared and lonely nights…that's every night. You hear a lot of police sirens, you hear a lot of…

20 Amazing Sports-Themed Face Masks For 2020

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, among the most crucial being the air we breathe. Thus, face masks…

Mickey Mantle: Grit Defined

It’s Game 3 of the 1964 World Series. The New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals entered the tilt…

The Point After Podcast

Each week, join hosts writer Alan Goldsher and actor Jake Robinson as they break down (and argue about) some of the greatest (and oftentimes silliest) rivalries in sports history.

Episode #4

Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox

Jake helps native Chicagoan Alan decide whether he should tie his baseball loyalties to the Cubs or the White Sox.

Episode #3

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers (Guest: Alonzo Bodden)

Comedian and L.A. Clippers loyalists Alonzo Bodden attempts to convince Alan and Jake that the Clips have more je ne sais quoi than their hallway rivals.

Episode #2

Mickey Mantle vs. Mike Trout

In a cross-generational battle, Alan sides with the Yankees icon, while Jake rolls with the angelic Angel.

Episode #1

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James

On the premiere of The Point After, Jake, an Ohio native, attempts to convince Alan, a born-and-bred Chicagoan, that LeBron James is more iconic than Michael Jordan.


Cardboard Perfection

Invest in this card now from just $25 per share on Collectable In August of 2015, Tony Arnold, a top…

Are You Destined to be an NFL Quarterback?

Brad Pitt was meant to be a leading man.  Not due to his looks, which are undeniably fantastic. And not…

ESPN’s NBA Players Re-Ranked by Autographs

For the past nine years, ESPN has had the unenviable task of ranking who the best players in the NBA…

The 10 Dopest ABA Uniforms

“Men’s fashion in the 1970s continued to get brighter and bolder. By the early seventies, the so-called ‘Peacock Revolution’ that…
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Mickey Mantle: Five Fun Facts

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Emmitt Smith: Five Fun Facts

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