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“Hold on to the memories. They will hold on to you.”

- Taylor Swift, “New Year’s Day”

Hunh? A T-Swizzle song lyric? What the what? No thought-provoking quotes from Vince Lombardi, or Muhammad Ali, or Phil Jackson? I mean, it’s a good Tay Tay jam, no doubt, but isn’t this a sports site?

Yep. We are indeed a sports site, but we’re…different. Different as in memory-centric. Different as in all positive, all the time. Different as mentioning Taylor Swift, the Zen Master, and the Greatest in the same paragraph.

Listen, you can get your scores on any one of the millions of online sports news outlets. You can read the latest hot takes—too many of which are, for our tastes, super-negative—on social media. You can check out last night’s highlights on your smartphone.

But we’re…different.

Here at The Point After, we’ll take deep dives into the stories and the athletes that made you fall in love with basketball, with baseball, with football, with hockey, with boxing, and hell, even with badminton. We’ll give you warm, fuzzy, and oftentimes funny first-person accounts of how being a sports fan—a true fan—can connect you with something bigger than the games and the players. And we’ll have fun attempting to mix and match sports and pop culture. (Read: Taylor Swift.)

Since we’re an arm of the world’s first sports-memorabilia-only fractional ownership company, there’ll be plenty of memorabilia-centric pieces for you to enjoy. But we won’t only be discussing just the Michael Jordan rookie cards, or the Mike Trout game-worn jerseys, or the Jerry Rice autographed footballs. Rather, we’ll shine the spotlight on the stories behind the memorabilia, why the M.J., the Millville Meteor, and the Flash 80 mementos mean so much to all of us in the first place. (Me, I’m a Chicago Bulls guy, and whenever I get a gander of those dope early-1980s Bulls road jerseys—you know, the ones with Chicago written in cursive—I get the tingles.)

Our mighty squadron of writers will take you inside their heads and their hearts. One day, you’ll have the opportunity to read why somebody on our team thinks the Steelers were a cooler football dynasty than the Patriots, and the next, you can enjoy an autobiographical tale of why even though baseball card bubblegum has the consistency of sandpaper, it’s still the greatest chewable in the world.

You’ll also hear from the athletes themselves. They’ll give is their memories, why they associate this pair of cleats or that helmet with a singular moment in their sports lives. They’ll take us into the locker room and inside their hearts. They’ll tell their tales not with wins and losses, but with emotions and anecdotes.

We’re also dropping a weekly podcast, and as is the case with all of our content, it’ll be…different. Co-hosted by myself and actor/sports nut Jake Robinson, our pod melds together sports rivalries, sports-tinged personal anecdotes, and dad jokes. No dissing or anger, just friendship and warmth.

As a whole, The Point After will be a safe space, a place where fans can be fans, and players can be players, and scribes can be scribes without being judged. To that end, if there’s something you want us to write about, shoot us a note at [email protected], and we’ll throw it onto the idea pile, whether it’s an appreciation of somebody as majestic as Stan Musial, or as otherworldly as Walter Payton, or as random as Brian Scalabrine. Nothing is too familiar, or too obscure, or too goofy for us to consider.

Because we’re…different.